Shopify Plus VS Magento

Shopify Plus VS Magento – How to Choose?

Selecting a unique e-commerce platform that fits all your business requirements is a tough decision. Businesses are distinct from each other, this means that every business requires a website that is distinct and can fulfill all the business needs. This article discusses and compares the two market leaders in ecommerce (Shopify Plus and Magento) and how to choose between them.

Before we compare the advantages/disadvantages, similarities/differences of both, let’s touch upon why ecommerce platforms remain to be significant for businesses. As the demand for online shopping is on the rise, more and more businesses are shifting towards the digital side of business. E-commerce platforms are virtual storefronts where business owners can sell their services and products online. Therefore, platforms like Magento and Shopify are the best ecommerce solution providers for large businesses and organizations.

Magento is considered to be a leading open-source software with more than 250,000 online stores around the globe. It was founded in 2009 and has been a service provider for some of the big names in the market (e.g. Ford, Coca Cola, and Olympus).

Shopify plus is a more recent launch, as compared to Magento. It was founded in 2014 and consists of around 2500 merchants for Shopify Plus and 400,000 for Shopify.

If we compare both of them, Magento is known for its multi-store option which allows users to manage different stores and brands. However, no such option exists for Shopify. Shopify is cloud-based (SaaS), whereas, Magento is self-hosted. Using a hosted solution is a better option as it is more user-friendly and manages tasks for efficiently. Magento being self-hosted, requires an additional server to manage its resources which can add up to the operating cost.

If we compare the prices of both, a lot of significant features along with support and security is covered by Shopify Plus’s fixed price i.e. $2000/month. Whereas, $2000 is the licensing cost of Magento commerce which on-premise initiates at$20,000/year. Hosting cost is not added in the on-premise plan.

Furthermore, if we discuss the scalability, both versions of Magento are considered to be better than Shopify. Reason being: Magento is a self-hosted and open-source software which also uses important programming languages like PHP. A lot of features are available like multiple currencies and multiple languages.

Shopify Plus is popular for being simple and user-friendly. Hence, if your business does not require a platform consisting of multiple currency, advanced integration etc., and you’re looking for something that is understandable and user-friendly, you should definitely go for Shopify Plus.

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