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Shopify Plus Vs. Magento Enterprise: 3 Facts You Need To Know About Them

Are you planning to move your business to an enterprise e-commerce platform? Certainly, you have a brick and mortar company. As technology continues to take shape, customer shopping behavior is changing. Customers are no longer willing to visit shops for shopping affairs. Alternatively, you started as a small online store. Your dream of becoming an e-commerce enterprise is at its last phase.

However, here is the challenge: after performing an online search, Magento enterprise and Shopify plus are appearing as the top-ranking platforms. Nevertheless, you are in a dilemma on which is the better option. Upon conducting a thorough search, you find different experts throwing their weight behind Shopify while others recommend Magento. This aspect is leading to more confusion. If this is your case at the moment, here are 3 facts you need to know about Shopify plus and Magento enterprise:

One is Software as a Service while the other is an open source platform

If you are not new in the e-commerce field, you understand the difference between the two options. For newbies, this might be Greek. A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform allows you to build your e-commerce website without coding. This platform comes with features necessary for building an online store. Shopify plus falls in this category. It enables you to build your online store within minutes without employing an expert.

On the other hand, Magento enterprise is an open source. By this, it means you must be coding experts or hire one to build your online store.

You can customize your store on either, but the customization level differs

As a webpreneur, you understand the need for standing out. With the high rate of enterprises joining the e-commerce arena, you need a unique and attractive store to be competitive. When considering customization. Both Magento enterprise and Shopify plus allow a room for customization. On the Shopify, you have a chance to change templates and backgrounds. When it comes to Magento, you have the opportunity to alter the codes to create a unique website that tally with your business and customer needs. Hence, both options have some space for customization.

Scalability is central in both platforms

Unlike the physical market, e-commerce is dynamic. It is difficult to predict the number of customers to visit your e-commerce website. For this reason, you need to prepare your site for this unpredictability through opting for a scalable platform. Both Shopify plus and Magento enterprise are scalable, but this feature comes at different costs.

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