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Switching from Magento to Shopify Plus- A Wise Decision?

Have you ever wondered why many of the top businesses are moving from Magento to Shopify Plus over the years? Magento, when launched in 2008, was considered to be the top e-commerce platform for online businesses. It was known to be popular for its features and smooth processes. However, people soon realized that its complexity, high cost and technicality were factors that were limiting the growth of their business.

Moving to Shopify Plus is not as difficult as people think. Its scalability, flexibility, low costs are all the factors that would enable you to grow faster and into something bigger. You can also be amongst the popular clientele of Shopify (i.e. Gymshark, Rebecca Minkoff etc.).

As per Alex Cranmer (vice president of International Military Antiques), switching to Shopify was the best decision he has ever made in his career.

Shopify is not as costly as Magento. The cost ranges from $28 – $291, depending upon the plan you’re selecting. You can also try it free for 14 days. Along with this, Shopify’s team is there to assist you 24/7 via call, live chat and email. When we look at Magento, it’s complicated. Companies consisting of a team of programmers can use Magento easily.

With Shopify Plus and its apps, you can change the way your inventory, custom rewards and other things are managed. Repetitive tasks can be managed through Shopify Script and Launchpad, enabling you to focus completely on the business’s growth.

All websites at Shopify Plus are PCI compliant, making sure that users feel secure. Moreover, customers can visit Shopify in their native language. Shopify functions in a much easier way when compared to Magento. It is cost-effective, and for the amount you pay at Shopify, their hosting offer is top-notch.

Furthermore, the Shopify team works hard to maintain a quality customer experience. They have a closed group on Facebook for their clients where they discuss on apps, ecommerce design, and strategy and how can you fully benefit from the Shopify community.

Therefore, Shopify Plus marks to be an enterprise solution for setting up your online website. Their service is effortless and quick, and if you’re looking to switch from Magento to Shopify, they also offer a free 6 months service to such clients. So if you’re on a crossroad deciding which platform to go for, Hurry up and Get Shopify!

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